Taste True Ginger

It sparkles in desserts, it soothes and settles you, it adds verve to cocktails—is there anything ginger can’t do?

As ginger obsessives, we are proud to bring you this audaciously unfiltered ginger brew, crafted in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a strikingly different sort of ginger beer, one where the simplicity of the ingredients shines through effortlessly, and you know you’re getting the real deal.

Drink it with a BLT, layered with perfectly ripe summer tomatoes.

Pair it with a sticky wedge of ginger molasses cake on a crisp autumn morning.

Mix it in a Moscow Mule to celebrate finishing a great year.

Quench your thirst on a lazy Sunday afternoon, curled up with a good book and mellow jams.

No matter how you sip it, we think you’ll agree that Brooklyn Crafted drinks are the spice of life.


Our Ginger Brews

If you’re looking for a bold, extra spicy ginger kick, Brooklyn Crafted is there for every occasion.

  • Extra Spicy Ginger Beer: Refreshing on its own or perfect as a cocktail mixer. Made with pure cane sugar. 120 calories per 12 fl. oz bottle.
  • Sugar Free Ginger Beer: For when you need brunch with a Skinny Moscow Mule. Sweetened with organic Stevia, a plant-based sweetener. Only 10 calories in every 12 fl. oz bottle.
  • Sugar Free Ginger Ale: A little less heat but with all the ginger flavor. Sweetened with organic Stevia, with only 5 calories per 12 fl. oz bottle.


We are excited to debut Brooklyn Crafted at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 20-23, and at the BAR Show, May 21-22, both located at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Drinks on us: To sample our beverages, ginger syrups, candied ginger and more, please stop by booth 8239 in the North Hall of the NRA Show, or booth 11410 in Lakeside Hall of the BAR Show. For a bit of tipple, we will be mixing up cocktail samples at the BAR Show from 1-5 pm on May 21-22.

See you there!